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Post-venous-stent-placement: lumbar-artery-bleed

Contributed by Dr. Ram Gurajala
04 February 2019

Patient Information

Gender : Male
Age : 16

Lumbar artery bleed secondary to irritation from the adjacent protruding venous stent.


Case History:
16 year old boy getting treatments for Lymphoma, On chemotherapy medications. Presents with right sided abdominal pain scoring 8/10 No H/O trauma
Case Differential Diagnosis:
Retroperitoneal bleed
  • Spontaneous
  • Arterial - ? Iliac ? Lumbar
  • ┬áVenous - ? Related to stent
Management options:
  • Angiogram +/- embolization
  • Surgery
Case Outcome:
  • Active extravasation from right L5 lumbar arterial branch
  • Successfully embolized with 1 small coil (3 mm)
Case Diagnosis:
Lumbar artery (L5) bleed from irritation of the adjacent Venous stent which was protruding.
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