About us

Dr. Ram Kishore Gurajala, MD, is an Interventional Radiologist and Nuclear Radiology specialist practicing in USA. Dr. Gurajala completed his medical education at Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad, India, followed by residency training in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Mersey School of Radiology in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He came to the Cleveland Clinic in 2012 where he completed fellowship specialty training in Interventional Radiology. He has been practicing using his expertise in these areas ever since.

In terms of founding this website, in his words:

“Coming from where there was no talk about IR, to present day with almost 10 years of experience, it always make me feel that I should give something back to the country where I trained. The idea has been in my mind for years since I joined radiology.

Lack of information, advertisement , support from other specialties, and, often, no direct patient referral continue to make IR a basement or dark room specialty. With information layered into different pages throughout this website, I would like to allow both medical and nonprofessional people to explore different  options made available by a robust IR practice. I would like to give a special thanks to my friend, colleague Dr Karuppasamy who has been like a mentor guiding me through this initial steps of new discovery. I would also like to thank my other mentors Dr Geisinger and Dr Levitin, with out whom I would not have reached where I am today and I would always be grateful to them. Finally, I would like to thank my wife and children for their enormous support and help in making this happen.”