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Pulmonary Arterio-venous malformations


Elderly female admitted with shortness of breath and recent stroke

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We have detailed in-depth information on the Case, Presentations, Information for Patients and Schematics in concise and easy to understand reference for IR procedures and a repository for high quality interesting cases with explanations.

Dr. Ram Kishore Gurajala, MD

Dr. Ram Kishore R. Gurajala is an Interventional radiologist, currently practicing at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Gurajala completed his medical education at Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad, India, followed by residency training in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Mersey School of Radiology in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This was followed by Fellowship training in Interventional Radiology from Cleveland Clinic. His main areas of interest are Interventional Oncology, Hepatobiliary Interventions, Venous samplings. In addition, he likes teaching which led to the idea of creating the website, which is probably one of few educational websites dedicated to IR.

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  • Comparison of Yttrium-90 (Y-90) absorbed doses calculated using PET/MR Versus PET/CT imaging in patients undergoing Selective Internal Radiation Therapy for hepatic malignancies.

    RSNA 2021

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